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Bent Grass Cooling

Bent green grass cooling for golf course management is critical.  Usually a very large industrial type fan is placed close to the greens.  You might save the grass, but you definitely loose any natural look to the most visual point of the entire golf course.  We have a much better solution and can work with you on any new or existing golf course for better greens.  We can custom make a oscillating Rock Fan any size and cfm and make it totally blend into your environment.  We can custom make any size Rock Fan and meet the throw needed to cool any green. This product alone will make any golf course stand out.   Get closer and the hight you want to the greens.  Optional misting system.
Cooling Stations

If you really want a state of the art golf course and cater to your players first class, then install a few cooling stations into your course design.  Place them anywhere along the way between holes or around practice greens or driving ranges.  Misting pumps sold with the Rock Fan can support multiple misting lines to run from The Rock Fan and to other points.  Players waiting behind tee boxes, practice greens, driving range or around the proshop will know that you have them in mind.  We also have a system that you may qualify for free if enough visitors come to your course. Certain restrictions apply. The Rock Fan could potentially increase more play time with simply placing one between  8th and 9th holes or on the 18th when players are thinking about playing another round by keeping them a little cooler on the course.  We also build custom water features and amenities such as benches, bridges, cover rocks and more.
Putt Putt Golf Courses

The Rock Fan is a great product to have for any Putt Putt golf course in hot regions.  Get noticed and let your customers know that you have the best course and their comfort in mind. The Rock Fan also has a visible mist coming out of the rock creating movement in the landscape drawing attention to your location.

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